Cultural spots you can't miss in Madrid

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is one of my favorite places to walk through. I live close by, so it’s easy to stop by and just look at it for a few seconds. But if you do not live close by you have to make an active decision to visit it. I would say that you should still go, it’s a monumental inheritance of classical Spanish architecture that you just don’t see everywhere. And the square is littered with nice, comfy restaurants that beg you to sit down and have a drink outside in the warm sun. There also is a nice marketplace nearby called Mercado San Miguel, that is worth visiting on its own.


The Temple of Debod

If you want to have a good view of the outskirts of Madrid and Casa de Campo there is no place I would recommend more than the Temple of Debod. There is also a romantic element to the Temple of Debod this is one of the main locations in the city where Spanish couples go together, to enjoy eachother company and the view. So if you either have someone to go with you or just want to enjoy the view I would urge you to do so.


Parque de El Retiro

If you would like to go to a park then Parque de El Retiro is your best option, the park is one of my favorite locations in the city. I go here almost every week, to have a relatively restful time and take in some `nature’. There are also locations in the park that would be worth visiting on their own; the glass palace, El Retiro Lake, and the monumento Alfonso XII.

Are all worthwhile monuments on one's own but that they are all close by one another makes it all the easier to have a look. 


Church tour

I really like to go on church tours in city’s I have not been to before. The reason that I think churches are especially worth seeing is because of their historic context most of them were built in.

These buildings were often the most expensive, skilled, innovative and important buildings of their time. One cannot look at the old churches in Madrid and not wonder what they look like from the inside. These are buildings of inhuman beauty that one cannot ignore.



This is my favorite out of all of the above. I love to wander the streets of Madrid, the small and narrow, the atmosphere is particular to the city and I can't get enough of it. I really like to travel the streets alone or with a friend. To walk and wander to get lost, this is the best way to explore the city to lose yourself in it and go to the areas you are subconsciously attracted to.