Destinations to visit while in Spain

While travelling within Spain can be a fulfilling experience in itself, part of what makes being abroad so fun is taking advantage of the surrounding countries. With relatively cheap airfares and quick travel times, being stationed in Spain can give you the opportunity to explore other countries and see a completely different culture for a weekend. Morocco, Dublin, Paris, Portugal, and Italy, are among some of the popular destinations for students studying abroad in Spain. Each place has its own spirit, allowing there to be a new place for everyone to consider exploring. 


Morocco and Spain are separated by the Strait of Gibraltar. At the narrowest point of the strait, the distance between the two countries is less than 10 miles. In that short distance, a completely different culture and world awaits. Morocco can be reached by ferry or plane. If you're interested in a short visit, there are numerous companies that offer day trips. Morocco is a culturally rich country that can be good for travellers looking for something completely different from Spain. In Morocco, tourists have the opportunity to go camel-trekking, shop the famous souk shops, go camping in the Sahara, attend a Morrocan music festival, visit a mosque, or try traditional Moroccan dishes like Tagine. Cities such as Marrakesh, Casablanca, and Fez, are all rich with history and culture. 


According to Lonely Planet, Dublin is considered one of the friendliest cities in the world. Dublin, Ireland’s capital, is another popular destination for those staying in Spain. For American’s, navigating the city can seem less daunting since there is no language barrier. When visiting Dublin, most people visit the famous Guinness Storehouse, for a pint, or they may visit parks including St. Stephens Green or Phoenix Park, or the museums. One thing to keep in mind for those on a budget is that Dublin can be expensive. 


Paris is one of the easiest destinations to get to for those staying in Spain. You can travel by train or by plane and arrive in under two hours. Paris is considered a global center for fashion, art, and gastronomy. Moreover, there are many historical sites to visit as well. There is virtually something for everyone in Paris if you are interested in art, food, fashion, or history. From Montmartre, to Notre-Dame, to Jardin du Luxembourg, there are a multitude of spots to visit should you take a trip to Paris.


Travelling to Portugal from Spain is accessible via plane, boat, or train. Despite being a small country, Portugal has a lot to offer from remote mountain ranges, to cosmopolitan cities, and sandy beaches. Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, offers cinematic hillsides with sea views and plenty of historical sights. Other popular cities include Lagos, Albufeira, and Porto. For those who consider themselves foodies, Portugal is known for their seafood and mediteranian cuisine. Another plus for students is that Portugal is one of the more affordable destinations in Western Europe. 


Although there is no direct train from Spain to Italy, it is still a relatively easy place to get to by plane. Italy is a country filled with history, architecture, excellent food, and beautiful seas. While each region varies greatly, those interested in visiting a city should look into Rome or Milan. Whether you're eating gelato in a piazza, walking around cobblestone alleyways, or visiting the Pantheon, there is plenty to do in Italy even if you only visit one city. 


Travelling outside of Spain is one of the best ways to make the most out of your study abroad experience. With neighboring countries offering something completely different from Spain, you’re bound to take away plenty from the experience. 

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