Emblematic parks in Madrid

Madrid is a beautiful metropolis located in the central area of ​​Spain. In this capital we can find several attractions and entertainment, including historical centers, museums, restaurants, stadiums, discos and theaters. But how can we forget about the abundant and beautiful parks that can be visited. These green areas are an integral part of the city since they have a purpose of conserving natural values, enriching the ecological culture and providing a pure tranquility that cannot be obtained anywhere.

El Parque del Buen Retiro

Better known as "El Retiro" it is a very touristy area due to its location and everything it offers. This park was at one time part of the Royal House of Spain. Many enjoy renting small rowing boats to navigate their pond in front of the Alfonso XII monument and strolling through the many activities that are regularly offered such as sports, games and even concerts. Additionally, also here is the majestic Palacio de Cristal, it is next to the Palacio de Velázquez and has a beautiful Annual Book Fair in September.

Madrid Río

This beautiful park has this name due to the Manzanares river and the seven kilometers of banks accompanying it. It was created in the 21st century and surprisingly contains modern elements like the Arganzuela Bridge but also maintains its ancient grace through solemn architecture like the Segovia Bridge. It also contains the Matadero de Madrid and the Túnel de Madrid, which are places that are highly visited by tourists. It also offers entertainment such as sports mounts and places to drink a drink.

Campo del Moro

The name of this park comes from how Ali Ben Yusuf, a Muslim leader camped on this site with his army with the purpose of conquering the city in the 11th century. This beautiful area is centrally located as it is to the left of the Manzanares River and behind the Royal Palace. Additionally, it is considered one of the best maintained and beautiful parks in the capital due to its precious artistic vases and the central axis that connects to the Royal Palace and the Manzanares River. It is also close to the beautiful Sabatini Gardens which are a great attraction for tourists and citizens.

We hope you have a lot of fun visiting the parks in Madrid!

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