Health insurance for student visa

Within the essential document to request a student visa in Spain - both for short and long stays and exchanges - there are regulations on health insurance that include: 

  • Unlimited medical expenses 
  • Hospitalisation
  • Zero copays  
  • Student is able to access services from day one 
  • Repatriation coverage in case of death
  • Assistance in case of a COVID-19 diagnosis 

Medical insurance is essential when acquiring a visa. Nonetheless, if the student is planning to remain in Spain for 6 months, the second year they will be asked for a foreign identity number (NIE) that permits one to enroll in the Spanish health care system. However, due to limitations of the Spanish healthcare system, it is recommended that you carry your own private health insurance plan during your stay here. Both in price and coverage, the following three healthcare plans are the most appropriate for students requesting visas for their stay in Spain: 

Swisscare: This is a healthcare plan for students that reside both in Spain and any other European country. It is one of the most economical options due to a more basic coverage plan. Additionally, it meets the requirements to obtain a visa. There are plans from €0,53, although the minimum duration of the policy must be 1 year. 

Sanitas: A health insurance plan that offers, in addition to coverage on minimum requirements, access to any specialist, diagnostic testing, surgical interventions, and counseling telehealth services. The policy does not have a minimum duration and can be purchased from €44 a month. 

Adeslas: From €38 a month, Adeslas offers a coverage of up to150.000 € in Spain. You’ll have access to specialists, urgent care services, hospitalisation, diagnostic tests and even coverage for travels outside of Spain. 

How Do I Obtain Obligatory Student Health Insurance? 

With considerations of the best student conditions in mind, Guruit offers a collaboration with Adeslas, a leading international health insurance plan, to guarantee the obtainment of health insurance in two simple steps: 

  1. Fill out the form provided in the health care section that appears on the Guruit website. Afterwards, a confirmation of your request will be sent along with your registration for health insurance. 
  2. Within 48-72 hours, you will receive your respective copy of medical insurance to carry out the necessary procedures. Upon your arrival, your health insurance card will be sent to the address that you have written in your form. If you do not have an address at the time of your arrival, then you will be able to pick up your health insurance card at our offices.

The price of a healthcare plan with Adeslas (in collaboration with Guruit) is €38 monthly and guarantees the fulfillment of the requirements as outlined by the student visa. The guarantee offered by Guruit, in collaboration with Adeslas, is an excellent plan for international students, due to quick acquisition of a card without compromise, without copay, and including repatriation.

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