How to get a SIM card?

Getting a SIM card and a Spanish number is a must for your first days in Spain. To be able to adjust to a routine in a new country, you will need a Spanish phone number to send messages and call, either abroad or to your new friends, landlord, or anyone you need to get in touch with in Spain. There are many telephone companies, and some of them have rates that are inflated and exorbitantly priced. At Guruit, you will be able to contract the best mobile rate at the best price since we work with Vodafone, one of the best telephone companies in Spain. Through the app, you will be able to acquire it in the simplest way possible.

Vodafone offers you a monthly rechargeable rate to send and receive messages, make calls, and use the internet with a 5G connection in any city in Spain. You can also enjoy 800 minutes of national and international calls and roaming throughout Europe so you can use your mobile and communicate without any problem during all your trips. The monthly price is 15€ and you can recharge it monthly whenever you want from the app. Thus, you will not have to pay until you need it, and after payment, you will have a full month to spend your calling minutes.

The steps to contract this Spanish telephone rate are very simple: first of all, fill in all the required fields in the form, then you will receive a confirmation in the email of the registration of the Vodafone line. Finally, when you arrive in Madrid you must go to our office to pick up your SIM card.

You are now one step closer to having your own Spanish phone number!