Living in Sol

Sol is considered the center of Madrid and takes its name from the Puerta del Sol. It borders Gran Vía and extends south to the famous Plaza Mayor. This neighbourhood is made up of several well-known squares such as Plaza de Callao, Plaza de la Puerta del Sol, and Plaza Mayor. In addition, it is full of life: tourists, students, families, foreigners... everyone in Madrid walks through Sol at some point, and it is likely that many will notice it and wonder what it would be like to live there.

One of the main advantages is public transportation. Being in the heart of the city will allow you to have direct connection with almost all the areas of the capital. You can access the metro, commuter trains, or buses in just a few minutes and get around in the most comfortable and fastest way possible.

It is a very commercial area, especially Gran Vía, Preciados and Calle del Carmen. You will be able to enjoy the main stores in Madrid and some of the largest in the capital, you will even find stores that are not on any other street in the city or the country. In addition, in this area some shops remain open at all hours every day, so if you need something last minute, you will always have it at hand.

  • Ambience: Whether you are a fan of the day or night atmosphere, in Sol there is always something for you. It is the opposite of a quiet neighbourhood since during the day the traffic of people is non-stop! You will always find people going from one place to another and people sitting on a bench or a fountain, enjoying the day. At night, a large number of public relations are concentrated in the square willing to offer you discounts, drinks, and shots in any of the local establishments in the area. The neighbourhood is full of bars and even nightclubs that blend in with the style of the city during the day.
  • Events: This area is the ideal one for you if you like to enjoy every event and every season surrounded by people. At Christmas, all of the lights are concentrated in the center of the city. The lights and shows are usually in the Plaza del Sol, so you will be minutes away from it. In addition, many demonstrations, political rallies, and street shows are also held there... You will be able to live intensely every day and every event that takes place in Madrid.
  • Proximity: There are many companies located in this area and, if you want to look for a job, you will have many options.

This area can be overwhelming and noisy for some, but if you are someone who comes to Madrid looking to live in the moment, enjoy each day and soak up new things, you will love Sol. There is no middle ground, people either love living there or hate it. . But if you fall in love with this neighbourhood, you won't be able to live anywhere else.