Places to visit in Granada

Granada is one of the most popular cities of Spain. It's not only very touristic, but also a city full of students. Are you interested in visiting Granada? Do you want to visit all the good places in Granada? Then this post will be worth your read!


Alhambra is a gem of Spain you simply cannot miss when visiting Granada. This masterpiece with Sierra Nevada mountains in the back, make the most picturesque spot in the city. The Alhambra was a residence of Moorish rulers of the Nasrid Dynasty for two centuries and is currently a museum of Islamic architecture. From far away, you can mislead it with a fortress, but once you come closer, you see all the cultural influence the building holds.

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Albaicín and Mirador of San Nicolas

One of the must do’s in Granada is getting lost in the Albaicín quarter. This historic Arab neighbourhood with white houses and tiny lanes make you fall in love with it as soon as you arrive. You can get the best view on the walls that once protected the city and the district from Cuesta de la Alhacaba.

Mirador de San Nicolás - Granada - Albaicín

Capilla Real

The Capilla Real is a 47-meter-high chapel attached to the Catedral Santa María de la Encarnación, which is a breathtaking sight to explore the grandeur of Spain's Catholic Monarchs. Inside, you will find gorgeous 16th-century-glass windows and seven enormous works of art by Alonso Cano.

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Catedral Santa María de la Encarnación

Visit Granada’s Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Encarnación to explore one of the most beautiful Renaissance churches in Spain. It was built by Queen Isabella as a reminder of the victory over the Moors. You will be lost in between massive pillars and chapels filled with sculptures and paintings of captivating beauty.

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Granada has so many great things to offer. Among all the great places for tourists and students, and also great places to eat. Now that you know all the places to go, you can book your trip, and have fun!