Is Spain the best country to study abroad?

Without a doubt, Spain is one of the most complete destinations in Europe - not to mention the world - and has something to offer for everyone. When searching for a study abroad destination, not only do you have to search for a university, but you must also consider the various other factors that allow for a proper university-life balance. If you want to discover the top reasons why Spain is the best country to study, continue reading below. 

1. Student life in Spain is affordable

Spain’s robust public education system is known for its affordability and internationally recognised universities. Additionally, there are several private universities where you can select a degree that adapts most to your needs in a more personalized manner. 

The cost of living in Spain is cheaper compared to the rest of Europe, particularly Northern Europe. When it comes to finding accommodation in a student apartment or residence, for instance, the average cost is typically 600 Euros per month. Of course, this depends entirely on the city, area, cost of facilities, and included services. Nonetheless, the estimate above serves as an accurate guide to prices in the country. 

In terms of public transportation, Spain’s major cities have all the major public transportation services: metro, bus, etc. Public transportation services typically carry student discounts, as can be seen with the Madrid Metro pass; for only 20 Euros a month, students can take the Metro throughout the entire rail network without limitations. 

2. Perfect weather 

Spain’s location on the Mediterranean guarantees a pleasant climate year-round, with sunny days from April to October and cooler temperatures between November and March. However, winters can become particularly cold in the north and in cities in the center of the country (Madrid) or situated within the mountains (Granada). On the other hand, the transition between seasons is less pronounced in coastal cities; temperatures remain consistently pleasant year-round, allowing you the opportunity to visit rooftops or terrazas at any time of year without the inconvenience of wearing a jacket. 

3. Spain’s delicious food 

Spanish food is known worldwide for its quality, flavors, aroma, fresh ingredients, and creative recipes (did you know that many of the best chefs are Spanish?). For this reason, when we talk of studying in Spain, we can’t forget to mention the outstanding gastronomy that characterizes the country. In Spain there exists an endless variety of typical dishes; in fact, each region has its own specialty. One of the best parts about eating in Spain, though, is the low prices and the flexible hours of most restaurants and stores, guaranteeing you’ll have options at any time of day. Of course, you’ll also discover countless exclusive restaurants if you seek an extraordinary culinary experience. There are options for every taste! 

When you’re in Spain, don’t forget to try some of of the most popular traditional dishes: paella valenciana, patatas bravas, jamón serrano, gazpacho, churros con chocolate, tortilla de patata, croquetas, migas, bacalao, and calamares, among many others! They’re served in practically every restaurant and bar in the country, are inexpensive, and usually served in the form of tapas. Enjoy! 

4. Spain’s art and architecture 

Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Antonio Gaudí: these artists, considered some of the greatest in the world, all spent time in Spain and helped form part of Spain’s cultural identity. In many cities around the country, their works are completely integrated, forming a significant cultural identity in locations such as Barcelona . You can see their works, as well as those of other prominent artists, at Madrid’s most popular museums: El Museo del Prado, which holds a vast collection of classical Spanish works, and El Museo Reina Sofía, for lovers of contemporary art. Other sites include the Guggenheim in Bilbao and the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. 

If you have the opportunity to visit other Spanish cities, you’ll be able to see firsthand perfectly conserved historical sites such as Antonio Gaudí’s architectural wonders in Barcelona or the breathtaking La Alhambra in Granada. 

5. Language opportunities 

According to a study done by, Spain is the European country best adapted to the preferences of international students who decide to study abroad. 

The Spanish language can sound and seem complicated to almost all English-speakers, but with practice and immersion in a Spanish environment, you can learn it in its most natural state. In addition, there exists a multitude of teaching centers and immersive academies to learn and/or improve Spanish. Furthermore, the majority of Spanish universities offer Spanish courses to international students in order to immerse them in the language as soon and as well as possible. In any case, don’t worry! Once you learn it, it will become useful in your future travels and occupations, as Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. 

6. Its unique ambience 

Spain’s ambience, culture, and people are truly unique, and to know the local culture and traditions of each region will change your perspective on life forever. You’ll encounter openness in the people you meet, who will have a willingness to help and meet new people. They will make you feel at home more than once and you will start to encounter a second home in Spain. In addition there are plans of every kind, from local events and celebrations in each city to escapades to the beach or countryside. If Guruit can help in any way, it will be our pleasure. 

7. Location and geography 

Something that makes Spain unique is its varied and beautiful landscape: beaches, mountains, quiet countrysides and bustling cities. Its major cities are home to airports that are well connected to other cities throughout Europe. For flights to other continents, normally you can fly out of Madrid or Barcelona, where it is easier to find direct flights. 

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