Top 3 Madrid museums

These museums feature some of Europe’s and Spain’s finest works of art, culture, and history and must not be forgotten or overlooked on a visit to the city. However, the multitude of museums in Madrid might be overwhelming to choose from especially if only in Madrid for a short period of time, so below I leave you with a sneak peek and take you on a Madrid museum tour of a few of the most memorable museums and must see exhibitions within them. Let’s begin!


Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

The Museo Reina Sofia also known as the Queen Sofia Museum is a true gem. Located just blocks away from Madrid’s famous and sprawling Retiro Park, the museum is home to one of Spain’s finest collections of 20th century art. Some of Spain’s most famous artists of the early 20th century such as Salvador Dalí, Juan Miro, and Pablo Picasso line the exhibits of the Reina Sofía as well as more contemporary artists such as Spanish painter Ángela Garcia Codoñer.

By reserving your tickets online, you can save 2€ by paying 8€ instead of the 10€ for sale upon entry into the museum. For a complete information and visiting guide, click here.


Museo Arqueológico de Madrid

The Madrid Archeology Museum is home to one of the world’s most famous antique collections. Upon arriving at the museum, one is immediately greeted by the neatly organized columns and arches very typical of neoclassical architecture as well as the detailed artwork that lines its facade. The building was designed by Spanish architect Francisco Jareño in the 19th century. The architecture is just one reason to visit this gem of a museum located in the heart of Madrid’s trendy and hip Salamanca district.

The museum has three primary floors with exhibitions well organized throughout them according to time period. Entry into the museum is 3€ but admission is free before 2pm on Saturdays and Sunday mornings.

For more information, click here and watch this video to get an inside sneak peak of the museum’s most valued treasures.


Museo del Prado