A Walking Tour of Delicious Tapas in Madrid

They are on street corners, spread across avenues, and tucked inside quaint neighborhoods. Just about anywhere you go in Madrid, you are sure to come across more than a few tapas restaurants. Tapas, or small appetizers, are a quintessential part of the Spanish diet and are a symbol of Spanish culinary culture. However, when out touring the city of Madrid, there are an immense amount of options, so below I leave you with a few establishments where you will be able to enjoy this delicious Spanish specialty. As you visit some of Madrid’s most famous neighborhoods such as Salamanca, La Latina, and Chueca, be sure to make a stop for a bite to eat and enjoy Spanish tapas.


29 Fanegas - Calle General Oráa

Located in the northern section of the Salamanca neighborhood near the US Embassy and close to several student residences such as the Claudio Coello Student Residences, this quaint restaurant offers a wide variety of tapas. While the restaurant may not stand out for its creative or innovative cuisine, it certainly stands out for its delicious and typical Spanish tapas plates.

The restaurant offers seating at either the bar or high-top tables with comfortable but relaxed seating. After being seated and having a chance to take a look at the menu, you will see a nice selection of meats, fish, potatoes, and vegetables to choose from. While almost everything you order will be cooked to perfection at this neighborhood friendly gem of a restaurant, Start with at least one order of the Patatas Bravas, roasted potatoes topped with an olive oil and hot pepper aioli sauce. The potatoes are cooked to perfection and seasoned with a bit of salt, pepper, and garlic. The pepper aioli sauce offers the ideal amount of spice but is by no means overpowering.

Pictured above is another signature tapa of 29 Fanegas called Pechuga de Pollo con cheddar, salmorejo y huevo. The dish is served with chicken breast, cheddar cheese, and the Spanish classic salmorejo sauce all topped on a slice of perfectly toasted fresh-baked Spanish bread. These 2 dishes are just a sneak peek of the tapas that the Salamanca housed restaurant has to offer.


Juana la Loca Pintxos Bar

Located in the up and coming La Latina neighborhood of the city, this restaurant offers a more elegant tapas dining experience. While this restaurant will not break the bank, expect to pay between 25€-30€ for a well-worth dining experience. From pintxos to a more traditional style tapas, the restaurant offers a wide selection of meat and seafood dishes as well as plenty of vegetarian options. While everything on the menu is guaranteed to be delicious, try their mouthwatering specialties such as tortilla de Madrid and tiradito de corvina trufado. For desert, do not miss out on the volcan de dulce de leche that will melt in your mouth.

Don’t want to dine in? Eat your Juana La Loca tapas from home through Madrid delivery service partners such as Glovo, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats.


Mercado de San Antón

While not a traditional tapas restaurant, the Mercado de San Antón, located in the Chueca neighborhood, offers plenty of options for delicious tapas. I recommend you spend the time exploring the endless food stalls the three-story market has to offer. The first floor of the market is full of local Madrid-based food vendors selling meats, produce, and seafood. After touring the first floor, take the escalators up to the second floor where you will find tapas bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a phenomenal selection of tapas in a market environment. Before leaving, be sure not to miss the panoramic view of Chueca and the surrounding center of Madrid from the third floor.


While visiting Madrid, be sure to check out these 2 tapas restaurants and a complete Spanish market with several options for tapas located in 3 of the most famous and cherished districts in Madrid. As you stroll the beautiful tranquil streets of Salamanca, Chueca, and La Latina, you will be immersed in the finest Spanish tapas and pintxos that the city of Madrid has to offer. 


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Be sure to begin this journey with a full stomach. You will leave very satisfied! To learn more about events happening in Madrid, download our app to ensure that your travels in Madrid are right inside your pocket.