Where to live based on your university in Madrid?

One of the most important factors when looking for a place to live as a student is the proximity to the university since you have to make the round trip every day, and the less time we waste on that journey, the more time we will have to enjoy and do other things. Each university is located in an area of ​​Madrid, therefore, by proximity there are ideal neighbourhoods depending on the university where you are going to study.

  • Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM): If you are going to study at UAM and want to live nearby, you have several options: the closest you can get is on the Cantoblanco campus itself. Five minutes walk from the university, on the same campus, there is a university residence. If you have the budget (between 500 and 700 euros) and your priority is the proximity of the university, this option is ideal for you. Walking you can go to the university daily, yes, there is nothing else on campus so to make any other plans you will have to take the suburban train. If you want to be close to the university, but with a lower budget and with other options, you can look to live in Alcobendas, Tres Cantos or Chamartín. These suburban stations are some of the closest, you can do daily life in any of these neighborhoods and it will take about 15 minutes by train to get to the university.
  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM): Students who study at the Complutense University usually live in an area known as CIU (University City), which belongs to the Moncloa area where the Moncloa University Campus is located. Therefore, if you decide to live in that area, you can get to the university in 15 or 20 minutes on foot.
  • Universidad Rey Juan Carlos: The Rey Juan Carlos campus is in Vicálvaro. The campus itself also has a residence where you can stay either in a single room or in a shared room, so you can also be just minutes from the faculty. They also have campuses in Móstoles, Alcorcón, Fuenlabrada and Aranjuez, therefore, depending on which campus your faculty is on, you will be able to find accommodation in each of these areas.
  • Universidad Carlos III: This university has a campus in the center of Madrid, specifically in Puerta de Toledo. If your faculty is located on this campus, it is best to find accommodation in the Embajadores neighbourhood, since the Embajadores metro stop is just 10 minutes from campus. If your faculty is on the Getafe or Leganés campus, in both cases it is a good option to look for accommodation in Getafe, since the metro journey from Getafe to Leganés takes about 30 minutes. Getafe is very well connected to the center of the capital, therefore, you will hardly feel that you are on the outskirts of Madrid.

Most of these neighbourhoods are the closest to the most well-known campus of each university. Keep in mind that each university has several different campuses and you will have to check which campus and in which area your faculty is located in order to know which is the best option when choosing your accommodation. If you do not know if you will be more comfortable in a university residence, a flat or a shared flat, you can find out here.