The Youth Card and its benefits

What is the youth card and why is it important to have it when you arrive to Madrid?

The youth card is a document that allows young residents of Spain to enjoy multiple advantages and discounts on different services such as cultural, sports, tourism, training, etc.

In Spain being a student has many benefits, for all those who are under 31 years old you can request this document, the requirements are:

  1. Be between 14 and 30 years old at the time of applying.
  2. Live in Spain

It is important to note that this card is:

Personal and non-transferable (only you can use it)

Valid indefinitely from the date of issue until you turn 31 years old


Valid in the rest of the Autonomous Communities and in the 38 European countries adhered to the program

It includes travel assistance insurance with international coverage and it comes into force automatically from the moment you acquire the Youth Card

You can add it to your PassWallet

The discounts / benefits that you can find are classified into drinks and food, leisure, health and beauty, hotel, education, shopping, various services and travel, if you enter the official page of the European Youth Card you can find more details of the places and the discount or benefit percentage that you can take advantage of.

Each of the cities has its own application system, if you click on the name of each of the cities in which Guruit! App is located, you will be able to find out the requirements: