Have you ever tried one of Spain's most traditional and delicious dishes?! Even better, would you like to learn how to make it for yourself? Come join our Spanish Tortilla workshop! A well-made Spanish tortilla is so good and satisfying that we would nominate it to the Great Food Hall of Fame... if only there were such a thing!

Foreigners always ask Spanish people: "Should I put onions or not?”; “Should it to be runny or dry?”; “What is your secret?”; Come find out for yourself and get to learn from a true Spaniard in this workshop!

With our TORTILLA WORKSHOP you can learn how to make (and eat) Spain’s unofficial national dish. Experience culture through the art of cooking with Be Madrid!

✘ PRICE (Tortilla + Sangría): 20 €

✘ WHEN: 31/08/2021     14/09/2021.     28/09/2021

✘ TIME: 17:00 

WHERE: Calle de San Vicente Ferrer, 90, 28015 Madrid