UncoverPOP. Surprise Gastronomic Experience.


If you want to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in gastronomes and restaurants, UncoverPOP is your choice. Reserve, dishes and drink for € 45.  Transport in Cabify € 12.5 each way (round trip for € 25)

Taste dishes with a lot of personality and style without worrying about anything. We choose restaurant and dishes in a personalized way so that you only have to enjoy the company and the atmosphere.

In addition, we offer you the option of taking you and picking you up in Cabify (goodbye to traffic jams, parking, parking ...).

 What includes?

  •  1 MAIN
  •  1 DESSERT
  •  2 DRINKS per person


We will contact you to explain everything, ask about your intolerances, tastes and other things. The experience will begin with clues about what you are going to for dinner. Once dinner arrives, the dishes will be carefully selected. So, you have to let yourself go and enjoy discovering each dish.

If you hire the transportation service in Cabify, we will pick you up at the door of your house and at the end we will drop you back. Maximum comfort

Ah! And don't forget that strange feeling of ending up and leaving without asking for the bill or fighting over who pays ...


Once you've purchased your experience, please don't forget to contact hola@uncovercity.com to arrange the details.