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With Guruit and Adeslas, internationally leading insurance company, you will obtain the best conditions for your Spanish health insurance. Enjoy healthcare coverage all over Spain up to 150.000€. Moreover, with Adeslas’ health insurance you won’t have any problem getting a student visa in any Spanish consulate or embassy.
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Spanish health insurance for the processing of the student visa for Spain

If you are looking for student health insurance in Spain, Guruit is here to help you by offering you the best student health insurance option. Adeslas, a leading international company in healthcare, and Guruit offer the best coverage, conditions and healthcare services for international students in Spain at the best price.

Health and safety are always the most important. But when we move to a new country they become a concern, which can lead to a source of problems that make us not enjoy the experience, and in some cases we may even have to go home and miss this opportunity. Healthcare in Spain can be very different than in your own country. However, with health insurance in Spain, you will be fully covered, you can feel safer and forget about the unforeseen.

When traveling to study in Spain, contracting medical insurance for students guarantees us a series of coverages that can be medical assistance and hospitalization due to illness and accident or repatriation, among others.

On the other hand, it is also very likely that you need to obtain your visa to be able to come to study in Spain, so you should know that an essential requirement to obtain and be granted the student visa in Spain is to be registered or in possession of a medical insurance in Spain.

In fact, European regulations establish that, individually or collectively, to grant or obtain a student visa in Spain, it is necessary to be in possession of medical insurance that includes valid travel insurance that covers eventual repatriation expenses. for medical reasons, health care in case of urgency and / or emergency hospital care.

Said medical insurance must be valid throughout the territory of the member states of the Schengen area (of which Spain is a part) that fully apply the provisions of the Schengen agreements and during the entire stay of the interested party.

Surely now you ask yourself: how to get a visa to study in Spain if you are from one country or another? or do I need to take out health insurance in Spain to obtain a student visa in my country?

In many countries, mainly in Latin America and Asia, this requirement is mandatory for you to be approved and granted a student visa to be able to live and study in Madrid or any other city in Spain.

Students from Latin American countries such as Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay or the Dominican Republic and the vast majority of Asian countries such as China, Japan, Lebanon, Singapore, Saudi Arabia o Korea, they must process their medical insurance in Spain to grant their student visa.

For all this, Guruit has selected the best medical insurance in Spain for foreign and international students, the Adeslas medical insurance, which we have been offering for years to our students with excellent results both for the processing and obtaining of the student visa in Spain in any country in the world. world as well as for the excellent health service it offers in all the cities of Spain.

The Adeslas medical insurance includes all the requirements demanded by the Spanish consulate to obtain the student visa: medical insurance without copayments, with repatriation, without commitments and without deficiencies. With our medical insurance, the approval of your student visa will be practically immediate and you will also be able to enjoy health care coverage throughout Spain.

It doesn't matter where you travel within Spain. Wherever you go you can feel safe and calm thanks to this Spanish health insurance.

The price of this medical insurance for international students in Spain is 38 euros per month. The entire contracted months are paid in a single payment.

The steps to contract this medical insurance in Spain are very simple: first, fill in the form, fill in all the required fields in the form and select the dates when you will be in Spain. Remember that the medical insurance you take out must cover from the day you land in Spain until the day you return to your country, not the start and end date of your studies. Second, you will receive a confirmation in your email of the request for your medical insurance. Within 48-72 hours you will receive in your email the registration confirmation and a copy of your medical insurance policy to carry out all the procedures you need. Finally, when you arrive in Madrid, we will send your health card home.

In summary, both to take care of your health and to obtain a student visa in Spain, trust Adeslas and Guruit. Health insurance at an unbeatable price and with a large number of advantages.