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Confirmation of line registration

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With Vodafone and Guruit get the best rate for students in mobile service. Arrive in Spain and from day one connect to the Internet with 5G and make calls to your family and friends anywhere in the world.
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Get a mobile line in Spain

When we look for a Spanish phone number and Spanish SIM CARD, many questions arise: which mobile company to choose? How to get a Spanish phone number? How to get a SIM Card in Spain? What is the best rate for Spanish students? mobile telephony? How to make calls abroad from Spain?

Obviously having a Spanish phone number during your stay in Spain is vital, to communicate with your new friends and Spanish colleagues, with your family and friends in your country of origin, to have internet and to be able to download social networks and in general to always be connected and communicated.

There is a wide variety of Spanish mobile companies, and each one has its own call rate and data rate. After many years we have selected together with Vodafone the best rate for international students, to talk on the phone and get a data connection in Spain. In addition, we have managed to find a rechargeable rate monthly and at an unbeatable price.

Guruit and Vodafone, the world's leading telephone company, offer you a mobile rate that will allow you to have a SIM CARD in Spain for messages, calls and use of the internet with a 5G connection in Spain.

Therefore, get from the hand of Vodafone and Guruit the best rate for students in mobile telephony. Arrive in Spain and from the first day connect to the Internet with a 5G connection and make calls anywhere in the world to your family and friends.

The main advantages of our mobile rate are: 5G connection, 12GB, 300 minutes of international and national calls, Roaming in Europe, so you can communicate during all your trips. For all this we have achieved the best price of a telephone rate for students: for 15 euros per month you can enjoy all these advantages.

The steps to contract this Spanish telephone rate are very simple: first, fill in all the required fields in the form, then you will receive a confirmation in the email of the registration of the Vodafone line. Finally, when you arrive in your new city, you must go to our office to collect your SIM CARD.

In conclusion, we offer you a full telephone rate throughout Spain and Europe. With all the benefits included, such as 5G, 300 minutes of national and international calls. Thanks to this, you will have your own Spanish phone number, with which to communicate, and it will be easier for you to get involved in the culture.