Terms and Conditions

1. Use of the Platform

1.1 This platform ("Platform") is available to all users ("User" or "You"), subject to the provisions of these terms and conditions ("T & Cs"). When you browse, buy or otherwise use the Platform, you are accepting these T & Cs.

1.2 This Platform is operated by Student Budget SL, duly incorporated in Spain and registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, with registered office at Calle Esparteros 10, Piso 2º 2, 28012 Madrid and tax identification code B-88325311 (hereinafter, " STUDENT GURU "," we "," us "or" our "). The website provides its users with access to information and services provided by STUDENT GURU or by collaborating companies to those people or organizations interested in them.

1.3 The User acknowledges that they are of legal age, have the necessary legal capacity to act and be contractually bound and to use the Platform in accordance with these T & Cs, which they fully understand and acknowledge. The User is responsible for keeping in a safe place any password provided by STUDENT GURU for the use of the Platform, in order to guarantee that no unauthorized third party will have access to it. The User declares that all the information provided to STUDENT GURU through the Platform is true, complete and accurate, and guarantees that it will be kept updated at all times.

1.4 This Platform is solely and exclusively for the personal use of the User. Modifying, reproducing, duplicating, copying, distributing, selling, reselling or otherwise exploiting it for a commercial or equivalent purpose is prohibited.

1.5 The User agrees not to use this Platform for illegal or improper purposes. In particular, the User accepts that the services purchased through this Platform are for their own use or consumption, or for the use or consumption of people on whose behalf they are authorized to act. The User cannot resell the services purchased through this Platform to third parties. STUDENT GURU reserves the right to deny access to the Platform at any time without prior notice.


2. How the Platform works

2.1 Through this Platform, STUDENT GURU provides a search service and / or comparison of products and services of different kinds that are offered by third parties (Suppliers), as well as a mediation service in the purchase of those that the User selects. "Buying" on this Platform means issuing an order or request to STUDENT GURU for the acquisition of products or services that are offered by third parties, implying a payment obligation. When you purchase these services or products through this Platform, two contractual relationships are formalized: (a) a contract between You and the Provider in relation to the contracted service or product; and (b) a contract between you and STUDENT GURU in relation to the provision of the mediation service. Unless otherwise indicated, STUDENT GURU acts as your Agent and is not part of the contractual relationship established between You and the Provider in relation to the services or products that you have purchased through this Platform.

2.2 The term "Provider" includes, where appropriate, insurers, telephone companies, banks, event creation and organization companies, travel agencies, and accommodation owners.

2.3 STUDENT GURU will assist you in purchasing these services, providing you with its mediation service and, therefore, acting on your behalf before the Provider or Providers. It is important to note that the services will be subject to the terms and conditions of each Provider. We recommend that you consult and read the details of the terms and conditions of each Provider before purchasing their products or services, especially those related to cancellation and return costs. For your convenience, STUDENT GURU has compiled the terms and conditions of the most frequent Suppliers. Please read or, where appropriate, visit its website to consult its terms and conditions:

I. Travel & Events

For BeMadrid events and trips: https://bemadrid.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/CONDICIONES-GENERALES-be-madrid-2018-19.pdf

In no case will the ticket be reimbursed once purchased, only one ticket can be exchanged for another depending on the case and provided that the supplier approves it and always when notified 24 hours before the start of the event, activity or trip.

II. Health insurance

Adeslas: https://www.segurcaixaadeslas.es/es/particulares-sitio/seguros-medicos-sitio/Documents/759/S.RE.021.18%20Completa%2019.pdf

Student Guru will not reimburse in any case 5% of the value of the amount paid for management expenses or 3% of the value of the amount paid for bank commissions.

III. Bank account

Sabadell Bank: https://www.bancsabadell.com/cmi/CMI_es.pdf


IV: SIM Card & Top-ups

Vodafone SIM cards: The Vodafone product does not support return, cancellation or refunds

Vodafone recharges: The Vodafone product does not admit return, cancellation or refunds


V. Transport Pass

Madrid transport: https://www.crtm.es/atencion-al-cliente/normativa.aspx



VI. Accommodation

MadridEasy: https://www.madrideasy.com/es/pages/terms-conditions


2.4 By using this Platform to buy products or services, you authorize STUDENT GURU to act as your Agent during the purchase process with the corresponding Provider or Suppliers, as well as to make payment for said products or services on your behalf, to the extent as necessary, in order to ensure that the transaction between You and the Provider or Providers is executed correctly. For the provision of the mediation service, STUDENT GURU may charge a management fee, the amount of which will depend on the products or services you have purchased. In any case, STUDENT GURU will provide you with all the necessary information for the construction of the final price, which in any case you will know with certainty before making the decision to buy and / or be bound by any payment obligation.

2.5 In addition to the foregoing, the Platform may contain links or redirects to third-party websites that offer similar products or services. These links or redirects can lead to totally independent websites depending on the type of contractual relationship that STUDENT GURU has at any time with its business partners. In any case, if you buy any product or service offered on these Websites, you will be contractually bound with the Provider directly, without the mediation of STUDENT GURU. Consequently, you will have to accept and apply exclusively the terms and conditions of that Provider.

2.6 The final price of your purchase, with its corresponding breakdown, will be shown once you complete the search, price comparison and selection process and, in any case, before finalizing your purchase by pressing the "ACCEPT AND BUY" button. . Prices are shown in real time, so they can vary every day.

2.7 When you make a purchase by pressing the "ACCEPT AND BUY" button, you will receive a confirmation email of your order or purchase order, which will contain all the details of the same, as confirmation that your order or order has entered correctly. the system and that your payment has been executed in its entirety. In the event that, for any reason beyond STUDENT GURU, your order or order could not be processed, totally or partially, we will contact you as soon as possible.

2.8 We reserve the right to cancel your order or order in case there are well-founded reasons that it is a fraudulent order - for example, in case of detecting that the payment method is not legally valid and / or that the User is not you are the legal owner of that payment method. In these cases, we will try to contact the User, the owner of the payment method or directly with the bank to verify the details of the transaction. If the result of the verifications confirms or does not allow to contradict our suspicions, your order or order will be automatically canceled for security reasons.

2.9 In accordance with the European Directive on Electronic Commerce and the applicable transposition laws, we inform you that the confirmation email of your order or order is proof of your contractual relationship with STUDENT GURU. This document is provided on a durable and printable medium, and it will also be kept in STUDENT GURU's systems, so that you can request a copy of it at any time.


3. Purchase conditions

3.1Changes and cancellations

3.1.1 The possibility of canceling or modifying a product or service purchased through this Platform, as well as the way to do it, will depend on the service and the terms and conditions of the Provider as set out in point 2.3 of this document. . For your convenience, STUDENT GURU has collected the terms and conditions of cancellations and refunds of the Suppliers with whom it works. Please read or, where appropriate, visit its website to consult its terms and conditions:

I. Travel & Events

The trips and events are organized by the company BeMadrid and changes, refunds and cancellations are subject to their own policy: https://bemadrid.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/CONDICIONES-GENERALES-be-madrid-2018-19.pdf


II. Health insurance

Registration of medical insurance is managed by the company Segurcaixa Adeslas and changes, refunds and cancellations are subject to its own policy: https://www.segurcaixaadeslas.es/es/particulares-sitio/seguros-medicos-sitio/Documents/759/S.RE.021.18%20Completa%2019.pdf


III. Bank account

Bank account registration is managed by the Banco Sabadell company and changes, refunds and cancellations are subject to its own policy: https://www.bancsabadell.com/cmi/CMI_es.pdf


IV: SIM Card & Top-ups

The registration of SIM cards is managed by the Vodafone company and the changes, refunds and cancellations are as follows: The Vodafone product does not admit returns, cancellations or refunds.

The recharge of telephone lines is managed by the Vodafone company and the changes, refunds and cancellations are as follows: The Vodafone product does not admit returns, cancellation or refunds.


V. Transport Pass

The registration of transport passes for the Community of Madrid is managed directly through the website of the Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid and changes, refunds and cancellations are subject to their own policy:




VI. Accommodation

As a general rule applicable to all reservations made through the Platform, if the Resident cancels the requested reservation before it is accepted by the Owner or apartment manager, no amount will be charged as a penalty.

When the Resident has made an Accommodation Reservation and it has been accepted by the Owner or apartment manager, STUDENT GURU will charge the Resident the Reservation Management Fee and its corresponding Value Added Tax (VAT) plus the Initial Payment and others payments that the Owner requires. Once the reservation has been made by the Resident and accepted by the Owner, the Reservation Management Fee (VAT included) charged by STUDENT GURU will not be refundable in any case.

Once the reservation is confirmed by the Owner or apartment manager, any request for cancellation or refund of the rest of the amounts thereof by the Resident will be subject to the Cancellation Policies of the Owner or apartment manager, in this case the company Madrideasy , in the following terms:

If the tenant cancels his reservation:

- Within a period of 30 days before the contract start date, you will lose all the money you have paid so far.

- In a period between 30 and 60 days before the start of the contract, we will contact the property to request a refund of the first month's rent payment *

- In a period exceeding 60 days before arrival, the money paid will be refunded, except for service costs *

* Service Costs are not refundable. The rent refund decision depends on the property.

For more information, check their cancellation policies:



For any of the above services, STUDENT GURU can assist you to find out if your rate admits changes or cancellations and, if you wish, STUDENT GURU can manage your request for change or cancellation with your Provider, charging you an expense for said management of FIFTY EUROS (€ 50) per person and service modified and / or canceled. Please bear in mind that these management costs are independent of the amounts that the Supplier may charge for executing each change or cancellation, under its terms and conditions. If you wish to request a change or cancellation through STUDENT GURU, please contact our Customer Service at the email info@studentguru.app.

3.1.2 In compliance with the provisions of article 103. a) of Royal Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the General Law on the Rights of Consumers and Users, we inform you that ONCE YOUR PURCHASE IS CONFIRMED , STUDENT GURU'S MEDIATION SERVICE IS CONSIDERED TO BE PROVIDED IN ITS ENTIRETY AND, AS A RESULT, ANY RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL IS EXTINGUISHED.


3.2 Prices and payment methods

3.2.1 The final price of your purchase, with its corresponding breakdown, will be shown once you complete the search, price comparison and selection process and, in any case, before finalizing your purchase by pressing the "ACCEPT AND TO BUY". The final price includes the price of all selected products or services (also optional services) and the management expenses of STUDENT GURU. Please note that STUDENT GURU's management fees are non-refundable, since STUDENT GURU's mediation service is considered to be provided in its entirety once the purchase is confirmed.

3.2.2 STUDENT GURU's management expenses depend on the products or services you buy, the channel used and other factors.

3.2.3 Only the payment methods mentioned at any given time during the online purchase process are accepted.

3.2.4 All prices shown on our Platform include VAT. Keep in mind that in the provision of some services, particular VAT rules apply, as well as in relation to mediation services. This means that the price of your products or services, as well as the management expenses of STUDENT GURU, will carry VAT or not depending on the service and consumer conditions.

3.2.5 For security reasons, we will ask you to provide us with your payment details each time you make a purchase. We will use your payment information to (i) pay for the products or services requested, (ii) manage refunds, when applicable, and (iii) pay for services subsequently required. In all cases, your payment details will be encrypted on a secure server, in accordance with PCI standards.

3.2.6 STUDENT GURU may apply additional management fees for the use of certain payment methods, in accordance with current legislation, that is, if you use a corporate card or a tripartite system (American Express or Diners). Please bear in mind that our systems automatically detect the method actually used and apply additional management fees when applicable. If you pay with a third party's card, we assume that you have their prior permission.

3.2.7 In some cases, our Customer Service agents may allow you to pay by bank transfer. If you agree to pay by bank transfer, STUDENT GURU will charge you the total price of your purchase in a single payment. You must ensure that there are sufficient funds in the account to make the payment.


3.3 Refunds

3.3.1 The possibility of being reimbursed by the Provider depends on its own policies in the terms and conditions set forth in Point 2.3 of this document. If you have the right to be reimbursed according to them, STUDENT GURU will manage the reimbursement using the same payment method that you used for the purchase.

4. Industrial and intellectual property

4.1 All content on this Platform (including, but not limited to, trademarks, texts, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio files and software) is the property of STUDENT GURU or its content providers and is protected by applicable laws, of national and international scope.

4.2 Any unauthorized use of the content of this Platform is strictly prohibited, including its total or partial reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, publication, display and / or representation. In particular, the use of images displayed on this Platform outside of it is prohibited, except with the explicit consent of STUDENT GURU and / or its content providers.

4.3 The STUDENT GURU brand and other names of products, services, graphics and logos of STUDENT GURU are internationally registered trademarks.

5. Other applicable terms and conditions

5.1 Complaints and claims

Contact our Customer Service if you have any complaint or claim related to your purchase. To do this, you can use our email info@studentguru.app

5.3 Changes in T & Cs

STUDENT GURU may modify or update these T & Cs at any time, without prior notice. The current version of these T & Cs will be the one displayed on the Platform at all times. Please, check the T & Cs every time you make a purchase on the Platform.

6. Limitation of liability

Both the access to the web and the unauthorized use that may be made of the information contained therein is the sole responsibility of the person who performs it. STUDENT GURU will not be liable for any consequence, damage or harm that may arise from said access or use. STUDENT GURU is not responsible for security errors that may occur or for any damage that may be caused to the user's computer system (hardware and software), or to the files or documents stored therein, as a consequence of:

- the presence of a virus on the user's computer that is used to connect to the services and contents of the web,

- a malfunction of the browser,

- and / or the use of non-updated versions of it.

STUDENT GURU is not responsible for the reliability and speed of the hyperlinks that are incorporated into the web for the opening of others. STUDENT GURU does not guarantee the usefulness of these links, nor is it responsible for the content or services that the user can access through these links, nor for the proper functioning of these websites.

STUDENT GURU will not be responsible for viruses or other computer programs that deteriorate or may deteriorate the computer systems or equipment of users when accessing its website or other websites that have been accessed through links on this website.

7. Applicable law

These T & Cs will be interpreted and governed in accordance with Spanish legislation. STUDENTGURU and the users, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, submit to the courts and tribunals of the user's domicile for any controversy that may arise from accessing or using the website. In the event that the user is domiciled outside of Spain, STUDENT GURU and the user submit, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, to the courts of the domicile of STUDENT GURU.