• Best supermarkets in Spain

    In Spain, there is a wide variety of supermarkets where you can buy food. When you arrive, it is okay to not know which one to go to, which one is cheaper or which one has the best quality. Here, we have some of the best Spanish supermarkets.

  • Cultural spots you can't miss in Madrid Cultural spots you can't miss in Madrid

    If you are going to visit Spain’s  beautiful capital of Madrid you might like a few pointers. I will be talking out of personal experience when discussing these sights and monuments and why they are worth seeing. So if you want to have some suggestions keep reading.

  • Final exams related anxiety

    Final exam period is upon us and with it comes the dreaded pre-exam anxiety experienced by many college students.

  • Plaza de España en Sevilla Cultural shocks in Spain

    As a non-EU student, getting my student visa is my priority for my entry into Spain. Before coming to Madrid, I have heard about food in Spain. Almost everyone talks about it. 

  • How to open your N26 bank account in just 8 mins
    Thanks to Guruit! and N26 you will enjoy the best conditions for opening your bank account in Spain.
    You will only be able to open your N26 bank account if you have already obtained your visa and/or your Spanish N.I.E NUMBER.
  • The Youth Card and its benefits

    The youth card is a document that allows young residents of Spain to enjoy multiple advantages and discounts on different services such as cultural, sports, tourism, training, etc.

  • El Retiro Emblematic parks in Madrid

    Madrid is a beautiful metropolis located in the central area of ​​Spain. In this capital we can find several attractions and entertainment, including historical centers, museums, restaurants, stadiums, discos and theaters. 

  • How to get around Madrid cheaply and easily?

    Madrid is a spectacular city to get around by metro or bus. With 12 metro lines, 3 light rail lines, 1 branch line and 220 bus lines, it is very easy to get to any point in the capital. 

  • How to get around cheaply and easily in Madrid? How to get around cheaply and easily in Madrid?

    Madrid is a spectacular city to get around by bus or Metro. With 12 Metro lines, 3 light rail lines, 1 railway and 220 buses, it is easy to arrive at any point in the capital. The Madrid Metro is also known for its flexible schedule as services run from 6AM until 2AM.


  • Atardecer en la alhambra con las montañas de fondo Places to visit in Granada

    Granada is one of the most popular cities of Spain. It's not only very touristic, but also a city full of students. Are you interested in visiting Granada? Do you want to visit all the good places in Granada? Then this post will worth your read!. 

  • persona con un lápiz en la mano en su pupitre en medio de clase Top 5 business schools in Spain

    Spain is a country that offers a great educational offer in relation to postgraduate studies in business schools, so in this sense, we can assure that Spain is a privileged place to study.

  • estudiante en una biblioteca leyendo un libro Top 5 universities to study in Spain

    Forbes Magazine has recently published a ranking of the best universities to study in Spain. We tell you all about it in this post:


  • una cámara de fotos antigua sobre un mapa mundial antiguo en el que hay tres fotos de París, Roma e Inglaterra Destinations to visit while in Spain

    While travelling within Spain can be a fulfilling experience in itself, part of what makes being abroad so fun is taking advantage of the surrounding countries.

  • mano sujetando una tarjeta bancaria Opening a bank account during your study abroad

    Having a bank account will be essential during your stay abroad, it will allow you to better manage your finances and access different services without paying too many commissions.

  • Health insurance for student visa

    Those students not belonging to the European Union who decide to study in Spain must apply for a student visa in their respective countries. To manage this request, it is mandatory to present certain documents, including medical insurance that meets certain conditions.

  • Ciudad de Barcelona con una mujer observando la ciudad soleada Is Spain the best country to study abroad?

    When looking for a destination to study abroad, not only do you have to take into account the university itself, but also to the leisure-cultural offer to find the best balance in your university life.

  • 3 countries to study abroad in Europe

    While it will not be possible to highlight every country or destination within Europe, these are the top 3 countries to study abroad in Europe as a student. Let’s begin our Europe tour!

  • A Walking Tour of Delicious Tapas in Madrid

    They are on street corners, spread across avenues, and tucked inside quaint neighborhoods. Just about anywhere you go in Madrid, you are sure to come across more than a few tapas restaurants. Tapas, or small appetizers, are a quintessential part of the Spanish diet and are a symbol of Spanish culinary culture.

  • estación de metro de callao en madrid, con el edificio de Schwppes detrás How to use the metro in Madrid?

    The fastest, convenient and affordable way of getting around Madrid is by using their Metro, which also happens to be one of the biggest metros in Europe. The Metro of Madrid connects throughout the entire city as well as its suburbs; one can easily go to the airport by using the metro, that is how reliable it is.

  • Top 3 Madrid museums

    When travelling through Madrid, many students will probably think of Retiro Park, the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, and Puerta del Sol, but did you know that Madrid is also home to some of Europe’s most renowned museums?

  • How to get my transport card?

    The Community of Madrid transport card costs 20€ per month for those under 26 and 54.60€ for those over 26, so you will undoubtedly save a lot on transport. This card contains unlimited travel, so it is more economic.

  • How to get a SIM card?

    Getting a SIM card and a Spanish number is a must for your first days in Spain. To be able to adjust to a routine in a new country, you will need a Spanish phone number to send messages and call, either abroad or to your new friends, landlord, or anyone you need to get in touch with in Spain.

  • What to visit in Madrid?

    If you have already visited everything you have to visit in the capital and you want to do something different, have fun and meet people, we suggest several activities you can do during the first few days.

  • What do I need during my first few days in Spain?

    As soon as you arrive in Spain, there are some essential things that you will need from the first day. You can buy everything else during your stay, but it is recommended that you bring this already organized from home.

  • Hotels and hostels in Madrid

    If you arrive in Madrid and you still don't have the accommodation fully confirmed either because you don't have any papers to sign or because you want to see the possible apartments calmly before making a decision, the ideal thing is that you stay for one or two nights in a hostel or hotel to be able to settle quietly.