• Safety tips in Madrid

    Madrid is a very big city full of people so robberies are common, as in all big cities.

  • Accommodation in Madrid

    Looking for accommodation remotely in a foreign country is one of the most complicated things, so it is okay if you do not even know where to start. Choosing a flat without having seen it personally before and without having enough information about it is a big risk and can very negatively affect the rest of your experience.

  • Best student residencies in Madrid

    If you decide that what suits you best is to live in a residence, you have made a great decision. It will be the perfect opportunity to meet new people, live in a totally university environment and enjoy this experience. 

  • Madrid neighbourhoods

    Madrid is a great European capital, and it is so big and the accommodation offer is so varied that it can be a bit overwhelming to decide where to live.

  • Mejores zonas para vivir de acuerdo a mi universidad Where to live based on your university in Madrid?

    One of the most important factors when looking for a place to live as a student is the proximity to the university since you have to make the round trip every day and the less time we waste on that journey, the more time we will have to enjoy and do other things. Each university is located in an area of ​​Madrid, therefore, by proximity there are ideal neighbourhoods depending on the university where you are going to study.


  • 5 motivos para vivir en Sol Living in Sol

    Sol is considered the center of Madrid and takes its name from the Puerta del Sol. It borders Gran Vía and extends south to the famous Plaza Mayor.

  • 4 motivos para vivir en Moncloa Living in Moncloa

    Moncloa is the university district par excellence. If you are interested in staying in a residence or college, there are a large number of them here. This is a very useful option if you want to meet a lot of people from the first day you arrive in Madrid. In addition, thanks to living together, you will create bonds as if they were a large family and you will integrate into Spanish culture from within, almost without realizing it.


  • Piso compartido, completo o residencia estudiantil Living in an apartment or residence hall?

    Where should I live? This is a decision that all students traveling far from home have to make at some point. In Spain, the most common is to live in a university residence, in a shared flat or to rent an entire flat.

  • 4 motivos para vivir en Malasaña Living in Malasaña

    According to a study, the neighborhood of Malasaña is the best area to live in Madrid. The most important conditions for the participants in this study were: being located in the center, having a large number of inhabitants and buildings, having relatively old buildings but in a good state of conservation and have spaces for public and commercial use. 

  • 5 motivos para vivir en La Latina Living in La Latina

    La Latina has also been one of the favourites for many years. The daily routine in this neighbourhood practically does not exist since a large number of houses are for tourist use, so it can be perfect if you are a foreign student looking to meet more foreign people in the capital. This neighbourhood is defined as a multicultural space where the foreigners feel local.

  • 5 motivos para vivir en Chamberí Living in Chamberí

    Chamberí is made up of six neighborhoods with more than 150,000 inhabitants. (Gaztambide, Arapiles, Trafalgar, Almagro, Ríos Rosas and Vallehermoso). This area stands out for its wide range of cultural leisure: museums, sports facilities, dance or plays, among many other options. It is also perfect for those who love shopping. It is a much quieter neighbourhood than the other ones since the age rate is very high, above 65 years.

  • 4 mejores sitios web para encontrar vuelos Where and when to buy plane tickets to Spain?

    Currently, there is great competition between flight search engines and airlines which benefits us a lot since we can buy the same flight in different ways and through different platforms, so if we carry out a proper search, we can find it at the best price.

  • Mejores opciones para cambiar mi moneda a euros Currency exchange: Airport, my country, or Spain?

    If you come from a country outside the European Union you will have to change money to get euros, either in your city of origin or at your destination.

  • Opciones para trasladarte en Valencia del aeropuerto al centro Transfer from the airport to Valencia

    Valencia airport is 8 km from the city, therefore it is relatively close to the city center. There are several options to get to the center, some more comfortable and others more affordable.

  • Opciones para trasladarte en Madrid del aeropuerto al centro Transfer from the airport to Madrid

    Many students come to live and study in Madrid or other Spanish cities. It is likely that you will need to travel to the center of the city, either to catch another transport that will take you to another city or to get to your accommodation.

  • Opciones para trasladarte en Barcelona del aeropuerto al centro Transfer from the airport to Barcelona

    Barcelona's main airport is Prat Josep Tarradellas, and it is 13 km from the center of Barcelona. Once you arrive at the airport, you will need to go downtown, either to go to your accommodation or as a connection point on your trip to another city.

  • Los documentos más importantes para estudiar un grado o master Documents needed to study in Spain

    If you travel to Spain either to study a degree, a master's degree, do an internship, or a training stay for more than 90 days, you will need a visa. 

  • 5 razones para hacer tu intercambio en España Advantages of doing an exchange in Spain

    Doing a student exchange brings both personal and professional growth, and despite the fears and doubts you may have, it brings many advantages.


  • Raking de universidades españolas por grado Best universities in Spain for each degree

    There is an enormous variety of universities in Spain, many of them with great national and international prestige and many with conventions and agreements at a European level that will open up endless possibilities for you

  • 5 mejores ciudades para estudiar en España Best cities to study in Spain

    Spain is one of the best countries to study, be it a full university degree, a year or a master's degree. It is a country full of life, with a close culture, a great climate and a lot to do.


  • Razones para estudiar en Valencia Pros and cons of studying in Valencia

    Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, and it is growing and modernizing by leaps, quickly becoming one of the main destinations for foreign and Spanish students. In addition, it is an essential tourist destination to visit in Spain thanks to the great cultural offer it offers

  • Razones para estudiar en Segovia Pros and cons of studying in Segovia

    Segovia is one of the smallest provincial capitals in Spain and is located quite close to Madrid, which has several advantages if you decide to study there. You will have the best of a small city for your day to day, while you can enjoy the advantages of a big city when you feel like it.

  • Razones para estudiar en Salamanca Pros and cons of studying in Salamanca

    Salamanca is well-known in Spain for being a university city since many people choose this city to study and the streets are full of students. The experience of studying for a university degree here is unique and nobody wants to miss it.

  • Razones para estudiar en Malaga Pros and cons of studying in Malaga

    Malaga is the sixth most populous city in Spain and it has one of the highest quality of life standards. It has everything you can ask for in a city: museums, restaurants, sea and mountains, and even an airport.

  • Razones para estudiar en Madrid Pros and cons of studying in Madrid

    If you are a lover of big cities, filled with both day and nightlife, this is your city!