(10days & 9nights)

We are already in August, so take advantage of the best Tour of Europe in August to meet the charms of Central Europe along with other young people from all over the world.


1’ Day - Berlin

Close your books and forget about any stress. Start our tour of the central European charms where you will get to meet young people from all over the world. We will start in Berlin, the capital of Germany, so let´s go and enjoy the trip!

Berlin, after being almost completely destroyed throughout World War II, has had to reinvent itself and achieved it mostly from 1989, following the fall of the Berlin Wall and the unification of the west and east side of the city. Since then, because of the low cost of life, it has attracted urban artists from all over Europe, and that is why today it is possible to admire the best graffiti on the continent.

Recharge your batteries, take a walk through the streets of the German capital or have some cold beers in one of the countless breweries the city offers.


2’ Day - Berlin

“Ich bin ein Berliner”, which means “I am a Berliner” is what JFK said in 1963 to show support to the people who were separated from their families due to the construction of Berlin wall. Today its time for you to repeat the phrase and spend a day as a true Berliner.

You will be able to choose whether you want to spend the day with us learning more about the famous landmarks of Berlin, such as the Reichstag, the German Parliament, the Brandenburg Gate and the famous Holocaust monument, the work of Heisman.


*Optional Activity:

  • Walking Tour of Berlin with local professional guide


3’ Day - Berlin - Praga

From here we will continue our central European charms trip, in the direction of Prague, where you be charmed by the elegant streets and old town of the city, and by its dazzling castle.

We hope you didn’t get too tired today, as Prague is known for its parties and beers!🙂


4’ Day - Prague

Enjoy strolling through the Old Town on this tour of central European charms… We will take you through Wenceslas Square, universally known for being the setting of the “Prague Spring”, we will discover the most famous astronomical clock in the world, and cross the Vltava River by the Bridge of St. Charles. A bridge famous for the 30 Baroque sculptures, we will arrive at the foot of the largest castle in the world, where a world reference in literature was living: Kafka.

Do you still have energy? Well, you have to discover the New Town, also of medieval origin, and the old Jewish Quarter.

We hope you didn’t get too tired today, as Prague is known for its parties and beers!🙂


5’ Day - Prague - Vienna

We still have half of our trip left! Can you believe it?

We get back on our bus, but we won´t stop here, since another country awaits us, Austria, and its dazzling capital, Vienna.

You will have the opportunity to choose what you feel like doing today on this tour of central European charms. Going on a bus tour with a local guide and visiting all of the most important places of the city, or if you prefer, discovering the city by yourself. On the bus you will be able to visit the main points of Vienna, from the Prater and the old Ferris wheel, to the Danube, and then passing along the Ringstrasse, admiring its precious 19th Century monuments. You will get to know about the Russian Military, and the Beldevere Palace (the museum where you can find the famous painting The Kiss by Klimt)… and also feel like Empress Sissi in the Schönbrunn Gardens.

*Optional Activity:

  • Vienna bus tour with local professional guide.


6’ Day - Vienna - Budapest

Good morning Unitrippers!

Today on the the most complete trip of Europe in summer you will have some free time to visit the places in Vienna that you still haven´t seen. And then when it starts getting late.. We´re going to Budapest!

Don´t forget your swimming costumes and enjoy the best thermal baths that there are in Europe, Szechenyi or Gellert.


7´Day - Budapest

Today on our tour of central european charms we will wake up in Budapest, one of the livliest cities in Europe.

The city of Budapest was born by the unification of the two cities, Buda and Pest, through the construction of the Chain Bridge. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Hungary and its capital have developed impressively, and every year there are more and more tourists, above all, young people, who are attracted by the festivals and the nightlife of the Ruin Bars. Did you go to one last night? If you didnt, you still have times, but run, tomorrow we are changing countries!


8’ Day - Budapest - Ljubljana

Jó reggelt!

Are you ready? After finishing the morning in Budapest buying souvenirs that you didn’t have time to buy yesterday, in the afternoon we are going to get to know Slovenia on the most complete trip of Europe in summer.

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia is curiously enough the European city with the largest number of students… and spending the night here you will enjoy its youthful atmosphere. It is a rich and prosperous city, that has been reborn since the Second World War and the Balkan conflict, and it can now be regarded as an elegant European capital, with a style so unique that combines the influences of all its neighbours. From Mediterranean architecture, to Germanic style and a Balkan medley, all of this makes Ljubljana a true tower of Babel architecture.

Here you can lose yourself in the historic town, by the Preseren Square, walk over the triple bridge, go to the Cathedral of St. Nicholas or if you feel like it, climb up to the city that looks over the whole city.


9’ Day - Ljubljana - Postojna* - Venice

Good morning! Are you prepared for another day of adventure on this central european charms tour?

We still have some time to discover Slovenia before crossing the border. Here the nature is very benevolent and if you join our optional activity today, you will understand why. Amongst these mountains there are some incredible caves that are miles and miles long, and, thanks the the Karst phenomena, stalagmites and stalactites have formed, creating all natural sculptures. Do you dare to discover the most tourisitic caves in Europe, the Postojna Caves?

*Optional Activity:

  • Postojna Caves: visit to caves in an old mine train

After eating, we will set off for Italy to see one of the most visited cities in the world: Venice.

Venice had the honour of being one of the most powerful, rich and populated cities over many centuries, dominating the Mediterranean and the eastern trade route of the, and its arte reflects the Byzantine and Asian influence that Marco Polo showed us.


10’ Day - Venice - Murano And Burano*

¡Buongiorno! We will wake up in Venice today on this tour of central european charms!

We will dedicate the day to discovering one of the most photographed places in the world, so take the camera out because bridges, Vaporettos and Gondolas waiting are waiting to be snapped.

We will enjoy the Byzantine-influenced art that characterizes the St. Marks Basilica, you can admire the large canal from the Rialto Bridge, but if you really want to enjoy this city get lost in its alleys and you will be amazed by the turn of each corner. Also we give you the opportunity to see two islands that will really surprise you: Murano. famous for the artisanal production of glass known all over the world, and Burano, a small fishing island that you surely will have seen for its famous colourful houses.


*Optional Activity:

  • Venice Pack: Visit to Murano and Burano: Visit of these two islands of the Venetian lagoon and trip on a night boat through the Gran Canal.


11’ Day - Venice

Unitrippers- it´s the last day. It´s a shame to end our amazing tour of central European charms but you will be left with memories of the amazing countries and the incredible people you have met.



  • Travel in our comfortable Unitrips Bus to the destinations mentioned in the programme*
  • 11 days and 10 nights in the best hotels and hostels in Europe:
  • 2 nights in Berlin
  • 2 nights in Prague
  • 1 night in Vienna
  • 2 nights in Budapest
  • 1 night in Ljubljana
  • 2 nights in Venice
  • 10 breakfasts
  • Multiple rooms (double/twin or single on request)
  • All transportation costs
  • Parking and toll costs
  • Group leader during the entire trip
  • Assistance throughout the trip
  • Walks through the cities accompanied by tour leaders
  • Public transport tickets in cities (for group activities)
  • Welcome Kit
  • Sim card valid in all of Europe
  • And many more surprises…

Not included:

  • Everything not mentioned in “Includes”
  • Plane tickets
  • Transport to the point of departure
  • Travel or cancellation insurance
  • Tickets to monuments, parks, attractions.
  • Visa or administrative expenses.
  • Other public transport (not in group)
  • Optional activities

Optional Activities, Extras:

  • Guided tour of Berlin with a local guide
  • Tour of Vienna by bus to Ringstasse and Schonbrunn in Vienna with a local guide
  • Entry to Postojna Caves
  • Pack Venice: Trains to La Laguna, Night boat back in La Laguna, visit to Murano and Burano. Visit shop Handcrafted Murano Glass
  • And much more…

(You can book your extras once you have booked your trip, through an App to which we will give you access)