Toledo & Cuenca Day Trip


(1 day & 1 noche)

Discover the historical and artistic heritage of these must-see locations in the Castilla-La Mancha region with this Toledo & Cuenca Day Trip from Madrid. Visit the ancient city with a mix of Arab, Jewish and Christian monuments and the town famous for its hanging houses.

Toledo & Cuenca Day Trip

We'll meet at 7:45 am by the Ventas metro station, and head to Castilla-La Mancha by bus.

Our first stop will be Cuenca with a one-hour tour around the old town of the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage city. The tour will begin next to the Castle of Cuenca ruins and then go down to the Plaza Mayor, where we'll admire the Town Hall facade and the Santa María and San Julián Cathedral. Nearby, we'll see the famous Hanging Houses of Cuenca, careful if you're not one for heights!

After this guided tour, you'll have an hour of free time to explore Cuenca at your leisure. Afterwards, we'll make our way to the capital of La Mancha. As soon as we arrive in Toledo, you'll have one hour of free time to eat. 

At 4 pm we'll meet at the Plaza de Zocodover square for a walking tour of Toledo. During the one hour tour, we'll admire the city's main monuments, including the Alcazar, the Cathedral and the Santa María La Blanca synagogue. The visit will end at the San Martín Bridge and from there we'll take you to the Mirador del Valle, where you'll have the best views of Toledo! 

The tour will end heading back to Madrid, arriving at the Ventas station at 6:45 pm.

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