Salamanca & Avila: Back to the Middle Ages

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Salamanca & Avila: Back to the Middle Ages

Travel to Salamanca and Ávila with us, two of the oldest cities, a mixture of nature and architecture in all of Spain. It is time to travel in time! Cervantes, one of the great Spanish writers, was the first to appreciate the greatness of these lands, and now it's your turn.

Our first stop will be on Ávila. We will visit the capital of the province with the highest altitude in Spain. The ancient dominators of Ávila, from the Romans to Muslims, leaving their influences on the street. Right after Ávila, it's time to explore Salamanca. Have you heard about the oldest student superstition in Spain? In that case, we hope your visit will work like a charm for your future exams. Salamanca is home to the oldest university city in Spain. As the legend says, if you do not see the frog on top of the skull decorating the façade of the university, you had better change your plans for this semester. Get ready for a journey through time! We promise that you will be fascinated by: “The Golden City.”


Departure information:

√Place: Plaza de Toros de las Ventas

√Subway station: Ventas, líneas 2 y 5

√Meeting place: Estatua en frente de Plaza de Toros

√Hour: 09:30 AM


 Arrival information:

√Place: Plaza de Toros de las Ventas

√Hour: 10:00 PM (approx.)

 What does the trip include?

√Private transport in bus round trip

√Time in Ávila

√Guided Tour in Salamanca




 Price: 22€


Optional activities:

√ Ávila’s Wall: 4€

The Wall of Ávila helps to create a relationship with the town, and its function was to protect the town from invaders. The Wall and the Roman-style Churches made it possible for the town of Ávila to become a World Heritage Site in 1985 by UNESCO.